Official information of the bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education

  • Validation Report

    Report with the official degree project presented by all the universities for their corresponding validation. It is the commitment of the institution on the characteristics of the title and its conditions of development.

  • ANECA evaluation of the validation request

    ANECA evaluation of the validation request.

    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación noviembre 2018).
    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación enero 2018).
    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación enero 2017).
    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación julio 2014).

    Evaluaciones anteriores a la adscripción del CESAG a la UP Comillas

    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación 2008).
    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación 2012).
    DescargaEducación Infantil (evaluación mayo 2014).

  • Validation Resolution

    Resolution of validation of the degree by the Commission of Validation and Accreditation of Studies of the Council of Universities.


  • Link to the Register of Universities, Schools and Degrees (RUCT)

    The RUCT provides the most relevant information about the universities, centers and degrees that make up the Spanish university system and offers a link to the Official State Gazette (BOE) with the publication of the Curriculum of the degree.

  • Aims and Quality Indicators

    Aims and quality indicators of the CESAG.

  • Quality Strategy

    Global intentions and orientation of the University related to quality, formally expressed by the Rector.


  • Degree Monitoring Commission

    Composition of the Monitoring Comission of the degree, with representation of Academic and Administrative Staff and students.

  • Quality Assurance System

  • Renovaciones Acreditación

    Final reports of renewal of accreditation of bachelor's degrees.

    DescargaEarly Cahildhood Education (February 2016. Fac. Humanities and Social Sciences).

  • Resoluciones Acreditación

    DescarregaEducació Infantil (Fac. Ciències Humanes i Socials).

    DescargaEarly Childhood Education (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).

  • CESAG's Academic Memories

  • Evaluation Systems

  • Resultados e Indicadores

    Tasas y principales indicadores de satisfacción del grado en Educación Infantil del Centro de Enseñanza Superior Alberta Giménez (CESAG).

    Educación Infantil

Contact of the CESAG's Quality Assurance Unit
María Teresa García Gutiérrez, PhD
E-mail[email protected]

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